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About the technique


Each painting that I create is a unique dance with a variety of materials, unique to each work. I often refer back to traditional painting methods when priming the surface and preparing the paints. One of my preferred mediums is egg tempera, which i prepare myself from scratch in the same way that the renaissance masters would have done. I always use oils and inks in my work. The quality of these mediums enables me to build up subtle and rich layers, from which my poetic images appear. Each work is always a battle between exposing and suppressing different areas until the perfect balance of color and form is achieved.

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Karenina Fabrizzi  at her studio 01.jpg


On these new body of work I have used an extra thick raw linen canvas treated with LEFRANC & BOURGEOIS GESSO of the highest quality.


In my youth I lived in New York City, there I had the great fortune to work in the studio of Jeff Koons,

I used to mix colors all day on a huge table with other artists.. these oil colors used were made by hand by the house Williamsburg Oil Paint located in the neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York.

I remember thinking back then, day dreaming... "these will be the oils colors that I will use when I paint my own artworks" and because life is Beautiful since then I have used them non stop together with other brands such as Sennelier from Magasin Sennelier in Paris, pastels and charcoals from Conté à Paris used by great masters such as Delacroix, Degas and Picasso among others.

Karenina Fabrizzi brushes 02.jpeg

Brushes & Brush Strokes

It is well known that artists love our art with passion, therefor our brushes are like an extension of our arms literally...for this reason I use the most sophisticated brushes on the market, creating unique brushstrokes that are the personal mark of each artist.

I have been collecting them over all these years. It is still today that I get excited when I find a new special brush in one of the fine art stores that I usually frequent in search of hidden treasures, such as the mythical

New York Central – an iconic art supply store in the east village here in NYC that sadly has announced its closing later this summer...

The end of an Era.

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