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Each piece is made on raw linen, treated with premium gesso or on high-quality paper meticulously selected for each work.

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Beyond Brushstrokes

Art on canvas

Employing only the finest and rarest natural pigments and hues available in the market, the artworks blend tradition and modernity. Using raw linen treated with premium gesso and hand-made oil colors with the highest quality pigments, they unveil poetic imagery through delicate layering, complemented by egg tempera, oils, inks, and gold leaf.

Art on paper

I meticulously select the paper for each artwork, tailored to achieve the desired results. Options range from the timeless allure of a 150-year-old handmade paper from the historic Capellades mill in Catalonia to the reliable sturdiness of Guarro Canson paper weighing 300gsm. Each selection contributes distinctively to the character and impact of the final piece.

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