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In the realm of baroque art, where opulence, drama, and grandeur reign supreme, a series of captivating paintings emerges, captivating the viewer's senses with their intricate beauty. Set against deep, dark black backgrounds, these artworks possess an ethereal quality, where exquisite females seem to emerge, almost floating, in their own radiant beauty.

These captivating figures, shrouded in mystery and allure, capture the essence of femininity and grace. Their delicate features and graceful poses reflect the classical ideals of beauty, while their otherworldly presence hints at an underlying narrative yet to be unraveled. It is as if these females exist in a realm where time stands still, their elegance frozen in perpetual admiration.

What sets these paintings apart, however, are the vibrant white lines that weave their way across the canvas. These intricate lines, reminiscent of a contemporary style, transcend the traditional baroque aesthetic, infusing the artworks with a modern sensibility. They intersect, curve, and intertwine, creating a sense of movement and dynamism within the static composition.

The juxtaposition of the baroque and contemporary elements creates a mesmerizing tension. It is as if the artist has harnessed the occulta philosophia concept, delving into hidden knowledge and unveiling a new artistic vision. Through this fusion, the paintings become a bridge between two worlds, bridging the gap between the classical and the contemporary, the known and the mysterious.

These paintings, with their dark backgrounds and luminescent figures, invite viewers to explore the depths of beauty and symbolism. They beckon us to question our perceptions and dive into the hidden realms of the human psyche. With each brushstroke, the artist guides us on a journey of introspection and aesthetic delight, transforming the canvas into a gateway to profound contemplation.



Original Created:2023




CanvasSoft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric)Wood


PortraitureFigurativeFine ArtMinimalismModern



De occulta philosophia # Lines of beauty

3.000,00 €Price
  • Artwork
    Size: 31.4 W x 57 H x 0.8 D in
    Size: 80 W x 145 H x 2 D cm

    Painting Oil on Canvas

    Ready to Hang
    Ships in a box


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