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Beyond the Canvas "From Studio to Collector"

In the realm of art, the romanticized image of a painter, inspired by the muse and creating masterpieces spontaneously, often overshadows the meticulous planning and preparation that precede a commissioned work.

Contrary to the whimsical notion of an artist's impromptu burst of creativity, being a professional artist involves a disciplined approach akin to any other job.

Before the first stroke of a brush touches the canvas, a crucial phase unfolds—the preparation.

Gathering the necessary art materials, brushes, and colors is not merely a routine but a deliberate process that sets the foundation for the entire artistic endeavor.

Professional artists understand that the quality of their tools directly influences the outcome of their work.

Hence, selecting the right materials becomes a thoughtful decision, reflecting the artist's commitment to delivering excellence.

Yet, the artist's responsibility extends far beyond the act of creation.

The meticulous planning involves contemplating the concept, envisioning the final piece, and anticipating the client's expectations. This thoughtful approach is the hallmark of a true professional, demonstrating a dedication that goes beyond the allure of artistic spontaneity.

As the artwork nears completion, another dimension of the artistic process emerges—the preparation for delivery.

Unlike the conventional jobs, artists delve into the world of international deliveries, navigating paperwork intricacies to ensure the safe arrival of their creations to collectors worldwide.

This hidden aspect, often overlooked in the romanticized view of artistry, is a significant undertaking.

Handling customs, packaging delicately, and securing the necessary documentation become integral parts of the artist's role.

Being a professional artist, therefore, is not solely about the act of creation; it involves a multifaceted commitment.

From meticulous planning and gathering materials to navigating the complexities of international deliveries, every step demands attention and expertise.

In many ways, the life of a professional artist mirrors that of any other profession, with the notable difference lying in the passion and love for the creative process.

While the romanticized image persists, the reality is that professionalism in art demands preparation, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering not just a product but an experience for the collector.

Note from the artist

The artwork images are commission pieces exclusively crafted for Le Méridien Hotel and exquisitely curated by Michele Mariaud Gallery in NYC.

Each piece reflects a unique collaboration blending artistic vision with curated excellence.

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