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Enter a world where the canvas ignites with hues of pink, fuchsia, tones of reds, and bursts of blue and yellow, swirling in a mesmerizing dance. Behold the unveiling of a new collection, where each brushstroke meticulously layers tales of wonder and conjures surreal imagery.
Within this ethereal tapestry, creatures, pearls, and blooms intertwine amid gilded accents, forming a mosaic of awe. Ancient legends from India awaken, as dancers, deities, and whimsical beings beckon you into a realm overflowing with vitality, joy, and dreams.
Delicately crafted layers of paint imbue depth, coaxing the viewer to venture beyond the surface and into the essence of each creation. Amidst these layers, age-old narratives find fresh expression, evolving into contemporary art that challenges perception and transcends temporal boundaries.
As the brush glides across the canvas, echoes of history resound, infusing bygone images with renewed vigor. Each masterpiece becomes a testament to life's perpetual flux, where the past and present converge in a symphony of hues and imagination.
In this collection, the artist's vision transcends mere replication, breathing new life into familiar tales with a touch of magic and surrealism. It is a celebration of metamorphosis, where the ordinary takes flight into the extraordinary, inviting you to journey through realms of enchantment.
Embark on an odyssey through this kaleidoscope of wonders, where every stroke narrates a saga and every shade whispers of uncharted realms. Surrender to the allure of color, and let your spirit soar amidst this ethereal enchantment, where Krishna and Radha, Indian dancers, and sage-like figures await, ready to guide you through the depths of myth and the heights of imagination.

Hues of Happiness III

475,00 €Price
  • Artwork
    Size: 12.9 W x 18,1 H x 0.7 D in
    Size: 33 W x 46 H x 2 D cm

    Painting Oil on oval canvas

    Ready to Hang
    Ships in a box


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