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Each painting that I create is a unique dance with a variety of materials, unique to each work. I often refer back to traditional painting methods when priming the surface and preparing the paints. One of my preferred mediums is egg tempera, which i prepare myself from scratch in the same way that the renaissance masters would have done. I always use oils and inks in my work. The quality of these mediums enables me to build up subtle and rich layers, from which my poetic images appear. Each work is always a battle between exposing and suppressing different areas until the perfect balance of colour and form is achieved.



Original Created:2022




CanvasSoft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric)Wood


PortraitureFigurativeFine ArtMinimalismModern



Insects Species & Individuals 001

670,00 €Price
  • Artwork
    Size: 15.7 W x 15.7 H x 0.2 D in
    Size: 40 W x 4o H x 0.5 D cm

    Painting Oil on Canvas

    Ready to Hang
    Ships in a box


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