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Petals and Velvet : A Journey into Rococo Romanticism

The new body of work, a collection of exquisite drawings, takes inspiration from the Rococo and the Romanticism era, where elegance and opulence were in perfect harmony.

These pieces feature beautifully adorned armchairs, lush with floral motifs, and are bathed in a palette of pinks, turquoise, off-white, yellows, and greens.

Each drawing captures a still life moment, a slice of time suspended in serenity, offering a visual respite from the frenetic pace of daily life.

In these drawings, time seems to halt, allowing the viewer to bask in a moment of pure joy and peace.

The armchairs, laden with intricate floral designs, evoke a sense of calm and invite us to imagine ourselves seated within their embrace, far from our routines and duties.

They are more than just furniture; they are sanctuaries of rest and contemplation.

I often say, because I know it to be true, that we all need moments to pause, recharge, and reflect. It is essential to have a corner in our homes that is solely ours, a place filled with our most treasured items.

When we create such a space, we allow ourselves a haven of beauty and tranquility.

These drawings encourage us to do just that – to surround ourselves with elegance and peace, starting from within but extending into our physical environment.

Imagine opening your eyes and being greeted by the sight of these sumptuous armchairs, their floral patterns in soft, soothing hues.

The delicate interplay of pinks and turquoise, the calming off-white, the cheerful yellows, and the fresh greens create a tapestry of visual delight. This harmonious blend of colors and intricate designs can gradually permeate our very being, infusing us with a sense of calm and well-being.

These drawings serve as a gentle reminder to carve out spaces of beauty and repose in our lives. By doing so, we invite a sense of elegance and peace into our homes, which in turn, can deeply affect our body and soul.

This collection is not just about art; it is about creating a lifestyle that values and cherishes moments of stillness and beauty. Each piece is a doorway to a world where time slows down, where we can sit, relax, and rejuvenate, surrounded by the timeless charm of the Rococo romantic era.





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