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Serendipity and Art: The Story Behind a Birthday Surprise Painting

Creating commissioned paintings is always a special experience, but this recent project holds a particularly cherished place in my heart, and I feel privileged to tell the story behind this surprise birthday painting and its serendipity.

The painting was commissioned through Curious Egg as a birthday present for a beloved sister, from her adoring sibling.

The brief was to capture the deep bond and cherished memories the two sisters share. I was deeply honored to be trusted with such a meaningful task and was determined to pour my heart into every brushstroke.

I have been working with Curious Egg for many years, and it is always a luxury every time. Their impeccable taste and professionalism are unmatched. Through numerous projects and life stories shared together, I have come to consider them as friends.

Curious Egg provided me with insights into the sister's favorite things, their hobbies, and their shared experiences. They mentioned her love for specific flowers, their favorite pastimes, and the profound affection they hold for each other, after hours of phone meetings, correcting sketches and making everything extremely detailed to perfection, Lots of laughter and happiness, I start painting.

With all these precious details in mind, I let my intuition guide me as I embarked on this creative journey.

As part of my process, we presented a few preliminary sketches to the client.

At this point It's essential for me to ensure that the vision aligns perfectly with the client's expectations before moving forward.

Once the sketches received approval, I felt a surge of inspiration and began the final painting.

While working on the piece, I felt a sudden urge to incorporate oranges and a ribbon lace into the composition. To my astonishment, the client revealed that their mother had orange trees when they were growing up, and their father owned a lace company.

This serendipitous connection felt like a beautiful affirmation of the project’s significance. The client was so moved by this intuitive addition that she sent me a piece of lace from her father's collection to integrate into the artwork.

The final result was nothing short of stunning.

The painting not only captured the essence of their sisterhood but also wove in the heartfelt memories of their parents, making it an even more cherished keepsake. When the sister saw the painting, she was overwhelmed with joy and love.

This project reaffirmed my belief that my mission in life is to create art that touches people's hearts.

I am incredibly grateful to the universe for allowing me to share my passion and bring happiness to others through my work. This experience was a beautiful reminder of the profound connections we can make through art and intuition.

Thank you to everyone who entrusts me with their memories and stories, making my journey as an artist so fulfilling.




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