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Elegant Fusion: The Art of Layered Mixed Media

In my practice I create artworks that combine multiple materials such as pastel, oil, ink, acrylic, antique fabrics, gold leaf and rice paper, this is a dynamic technique that allows me for a rich, layered pieces, elegant pieces are crucial in my work.

Each material brings its own texture, depth of color, and unique application method, which when combined, contribute to a dreamy and varied visual experience in my work.

In my artistic practice, I deliberately employ this blend of materials to achieve a specific effect that resonates with my artistic vision.

Every artwork becomes a singular expression, differing in the combination of materials, colors, and techniques used. This diversity is not just incidental but essential, as it directly influences the final appearance and emotional impact of each piece.

The thematic core of my recent collections revolves around evoking a sense of "déjà vu of Baroque beauty," capturing a romanticism imbued with tranquility, charm, and a hint of nostalgia for more idyllic times.

Despite this nostalgic undertone, my work also reflects a celebration of the present moment. It's a reminder to embrace experimentation, finding joy in life's simplest yet most profound aspects—like the act of breathing and being alive. Gratitude permeates my creative process, manifesting in every stroke and blend of materials as a homage to the beauty inherent in existence.

Through this approach, I aim to create artworks that not only engage the viewer visually but also stir a deeper contemplation of life's fleeting beauty and the timeless allure of art itself.

Each piece invites the audience to immerse themselves in a sensory experience that combines the past, present, and future, resonating with themes of beauty, tranquility, and gratitude.





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