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The blue tones of this painting embrace a sense of water and the ocean, fostering a deep connection with nature. They evoke memories of carefree days spent by the shore, where the sun's warm embrace invites relaxation and reflection. From dawn till dusk, we were explorers, artists, and adventurers, charting our course through the vast landscape of summer. Laughter echoed through the neighborhood as we played tag until stars adorned the sky. Chasing fireflies with jars in hand, their glow a source of wonder. Afternoons were spent in forts or on sandy beaches, the salt mixing with the scent of sunscreen. Summer was discovery, with bike rides to unknown destinations and hidden neighborhood hideaways. And the tastes! Juicy watermelon, tangy lemonade, and melting ice cream cones—a feast for the senses. But above all, summer was family time—road trips, camping, barbecues, and bonfires. As we age, summers may shorten, but within us, the spirit of endless adventure and cherished memories remains, warming our souls like the summer sun.

Summer I

675,00 €Price
  • Artwork
    Size: 10.6 W x 10.6 H x 0.8 D in
    Size: 50W x 50 H x 2 D cm

    Painting Oil on Canvas

    Ready to Hang
    Ships in a box


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